AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters

AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters are engineered for racing and off-road applications. AMSOIL Pre-FIlters prevent large particles from sticking to EaAR and EaAU Filters and blocking the flow of air. Fit over the top of existing air filters and feature an industrial-grade elastic band at the opening to ensure the pre-filter does not slide off. Use PART NUMBER drop down to select filter cover.


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EaPF Pre-Filters

AMSOIL now offers Ea Pre-Filters (EaPF) for racing and off-road applications. AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters prevent large particles from sticking to EaAR and EaAU Filters and blocking the flow of air.

What Are Pre-Filters?
Ea Pre-Filters fit over the top of existing air filters. These polyester mesh bags feature an industrial-grade elastic band at the opening to ensure the pre-filter does not slide off.

Why Use Pre-Filters?
Racers and off-road enthusiasts subject their vehicles to some of the most severe conditions possible. These vehicles operate in areas of heavy dirt and mud that get slung into every crack and corner, often clogging air filters. AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters are designed to keep larger particles from getting into and clogging the pleats of air filters. When an air filter is clogged, the engine loses horsepower and, in the case of Ea Air Filters, the filter must be cleaned. There is no vacuum or compressed air available on the race track or out in the swamp, but an Ea Pre-Filter is easily removed and shaken free of debris in seconds.

AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters are constructed with woven mesh that contains uniformly-sized openings. They are oil-free, so the dirt will not stick to the bag and create a loss of airflow and horsepower. Several Ea Pre-Filters are treated with a hydrophobic water repellent process that helps prevent moisture from damaging air filters. This proprietary process is done at the mill as the pre-filters are created, not sprayed on, so there is no loss of airflow. While Ea Pre-Filters are effective in repelling water, they are not waterproof.

Ea Pre-Filters prevent particles down to 0.005′ from getting to the air filter without significantly reducing airflow. Particles larger than 0.005′ generally just fall off the pre-filter.

Will Not Block Air Flow
AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters will not cause any significant reduction in airflow. In fact, AMSOIL EaAU and EaAR Filters allow more airflow than the engine can process, so adding an EaPF will not prevent a more-than-adequate amount of airflow from entering the engine.

Cleaning Instructions
To clean AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters, shake off any excess dirt and, if necessary, soak in soapy water. After soaking, agitate the EaPF to remove any remaining debris and grime, shake off any excess water, and air-dry. Ea Pre-Filters used in racing applications should be inspected after every race to determine whether or not they require cleaning. Ea Pre-Filters used in regular applications should be cleaned every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. AMSOIL Ea Pre-Filters should be changed every six to 12 months, or as conditions dictate. For application information, consult the chart below:

Stock # Fits AMSOIL Filter Hydrophobic Treatment
EaPF01 EaAR2102 No
EaPF02 EaAR2102* No
EaPF03 EaAR2103 No
EaPF04 EaAR2103* No
EaPF05 EaAR2104 No
EaPF06 EaAR2104* No
EaPF07 EaAR2105 No
EaPF08 EaAR2105* No
EaPF09 EaAR2106 No
EaPF10 EaAR2106* No
EaPF11 EaAU3560
EaPF12 EaAU4095 Yes
EaPF13 EaAU4091 Yes
EaPF14 EaAU4178 Yes
EaPF15 EaAU6080
EaPF16 EaAU6075 Yes
EaPF17 EaAU6065 Yes
EaPF18 EaAU4075 Yes
EaPF19 EaAU4070 Yes
EaPF20 EaAU4510 Yes
EaPF21 EaAU3090
EaPF22 EaAU3555 Yes
EaPF24 EaAU3050 Yes
EaPF25 EaAU3051 Yes
EaPF26 EaAU3570 Yes
EaPF27 POD Yes

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