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AMSOIL Small Engine Oil

AMSOIL Small Engine Oil is a synthetic lubricant engineered for the wear demands of over-worked, under-maintained small engines. The product provides exceptional detergency and deposits control to extend engine life. Extending the time between oil changes saves money by reducing maintenance costs and extending equipment lifespan. AMSOIL also reduces oil consumption for less frequent or lower-cost oil changes when compared with conventional products.

AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil delivers commercial-grade protection and outperforms conventional oils. Tough formulation protects against wear, heat, and carbon deposits. Helps maintain power and promotes long engine life. Specifically designed for maximum equipment dependability. Service life up to 200 hours. AMSOIL Small Engine Oil helps keep your equipment in the field working for your business.


  • Shear-stable, high-film-strength formulation fortified with a heavy dose of zinc anti-wear additives.
  • It does not thin out due to mechanical shear, ensuring a thick lubricating film for maximum wear protection.
  • Zinc chemistry forms a durable barrier that protects against metal-to-metal contact.


  • Reduced oil consumption 61% in lab testing compared to three leading 10W-30/SAE 30 motor oils.
  • Heat-resistant synthetic base oils provide low volatility, excellent viscosity stability, and strong oxidation resistance.
  • AMSOIL Small Engine Oil helps engines run longer between top-offs, providing peace of mind they won’t fail due to oil starvation and will run dependably in the harshest conditions.


  • Synthetic Small Engine Oil prevents ring and valve sticking while helping eliminate carbon deposits.
  • Reduces piston-ring and cylinder wear for maximum engine compression.
  • Small Engine Oil helps produce maximum power throughout their service lives, helping you get more work done.


AMSOIL SABER® 2-Stroke Oil eliminates the problems that plague handheld two-stroke equipment using other oils, including hard starting, rough running, power loss, and shortened service life. SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is for gas-powered 2-stroke handheld equipment such as weed eaters, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws.

AMSOIL Semi-Synthetic Bar and Chain Oil have a tacky formula that clings to metal surfaces better than other oils. AMSOIL bar and chain oil deliver unparalleled lubrication and protection, with anti-wear additives that extend the life of bar and chain applications. It is ideal for chainsaws. Landscape professionals trust and rely on

AMSOIL Synthetic Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid is specifically formulated to deliver smooth, responsive operation in zero-turn mowers, stand-on mowers and other equipment professionals rely on to make a living.