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AMSOIL Snowmobile Oil

AMSOIL Snowmobile Oil is excellent for all two-stroke snowmobiles. AMSOIL is excellent for all two-stroke snowmobiles. It provides uncompromising protection against the harshest operating conditions, prolonging engine life and maximizing performance. It prevents piston ring and exhaust power valve sticking while providing exceptional cold-temperature fluidity. AMSOIL 2-stroke oil provides outstanding performance in 2-stroke snowmobile engines and protects against wear. AMSOIL is designed with the highest quality synthetics and friction modifiers to provide added engine performance all season long.

AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil helps prevent plug fouling and low smoke and odor. AMSOIL snowmobile oil is excellent for use in snowmobiles, motorcycles, PWC, ATVs, and jet boats. Two-stroke snowmobiles are meant to be ridden hard. Repeatedly pushing a machine to wide-open throttle during all-day, aggressive riding, however, takes its toll on the engine. INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is specifically designed for maximum performance in all makes of two-stroke snowmobiles, including Ski-Doo, Polaris, and Arctic Cat, helping enthusiasts spend more time riding and less performing maintenance. It is compatible with nearly all other two-stroke oils, while its low-smoke, low-odor properties help ensure riders won’t be “smoked out.” INTERCEPTOR is engineered to be pushed as hard as the sleds it protects.

AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil provides superior protection and performance for enclosed chains and gears found in snowmobiles. Use AMSOIL  in all two-stroke snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs and where API TC or JASO FD oils are specified, including Polaris; BRP/Ski-Doo (Rotax E-TEC engines); Arctic Cat (C-TEC2 engines); Honda; Yamaha; Kawasaki; Suzuki; direct-fuel-injected (DFI), electronic-fuel-injected (EFI) & carbureted engines.