AMSOIL Quickshot® is Formulated to Restore Peak Performance in Small Engines and Powersports Equipment

Degraded fuel is a significant maintenance problem for small engines and powersports equipment. It can cause blockages in carburetors, fuel injectors, and fuel filters by creating varnish, gum, and insoluble debris. Additionally, carbon build-up on pistons can lead to pre-ignition, rough idling, and poor throttle response. The issue of fuel-related problems is projected to worsen as the ethanol content in pump gasoline continues to rise. AMSOIL Quickshot® is a high-quality fuel additive designed to effectively clean and restore optimal performance in the fuel systems of small engines and powersports equipment. It also provides fuel stabilization during periods of non-use or short-term storage. This innovative product specifically targets three major concerns associated with these applications: ethanol, water, and contaminated pump gas.

AMSOIL Quickshot®
AMSOIL Quickshot® helps prevent water-induced ethanol separation and breakdown.

The presence of degraded fuel poses a significant challenge when it comes to maintaining small engines and powersports equipment. This type of fuel has the tendency to create varnish, gum, and insoluble debris that can clog crucial components such as carburetors, fuel injectors, and fuel filters. Moreover, carbon build-up on piston tops can result in undesirable consequences like pre-ignition, rough idling, and subpar throttle response. The problem at hand is only expected to escalate in the foreseeable future due to the continuous increase in ethanol content found in pump gasoline. To address these pressing issues head-on, AMSOIL has developed Quickshot® – an exceptional premium-grade fuel additive meticulously formulated to thoroughly cleanse and restore peak performance within the intricate systems of small engines and powersports equipment. Not only does this remarkable solution effectively combat ethanol-related challenges but it also tackles concerns related to water contamination as well as impurities commonly found in pump gas that are detrimental to these specific applications.


The presence of ethanol in fuel can result in the absorption of water, causing it to separate from the gasoline. This separation process, known as phase separation, causes the ethanol to sink to the bottom of the gas tank where it quickly degrades and forms gum, varnish, and other insoluble debris. These substances can clog fuel-flow passages and negatively impact engine performance. Additionally, when this mixture of ethanol and water is drawn into the engine, it creates a lean-burn situation that raises combustion-chamber temperatures and can potentially cause damage to the engine. To address this issue, AMSOIL Quickshot® is specifically formulated to disperse water throughout the fuel tank, effectively preventing ethanol from separating from gasoline. By keeping water dispersed as a normal part of operation, Quickshot reduces the likelihood of phase separation occurring. In tests conducted on fuel containing 10 percent ethanol, Quickshot® demonstrated a significant improvement in injector flow with a 70 percent increase in flow capacity for controlled plugging situations. Furthermore, oxidation stability was enhanced by 44 percent compared to untreated fuel.

When ethanol is present in fuel, it has a tendency to attract and absorb water. This leads to a process called phase separation where the ethanol separates from the gasoline itself. As a result of this separation process occurring at the bottom of the gas tank, degradation takes place rapidly and creates gum-like substances along with varnish and other debris that cannot dissolve in liquid form. Consequently, these substances have an adverse effect on engine performance by causing blockages within fuel-flow passages which restrict proper flow. Moreover, when this mixture of ethanol and water enters into an engine’s system during operation due to their separation process reaching completion inside gas tanks; it creates an environment that promotes lean-burn conditions leading to increased temperatures within combustion chambers ultimately resulting in potential damage for engines over time.

To counteract these issues caused by ethanol’s affinity for absorbing water leading towards its subsequent separation from gasoline, AMSOIL Quickshot® was developed. This fuel additive is specifically designed to disperse water throughout the fuel tank in order to prevent ethanol from separating out in the first place. By keeping water dispersed as a regular part of operation, Quickshot® effectively decreases the chances of phase separation occurring between ethanol and gasoline. The effectiveness of Quickshot® was tested on fuel containing 10 percent ethanol and it demonstrated significant improvements in injector flow rates with a remarkable 70 percent increase in flow capacity for controlled plugging scenarios. Furthermore, oxidation stability was notably enhanced by 44 percent when compared to untreated fuel samples.


Water can enter gas tanks due to condensation, environmental factors, and gas pumps. If left untreated, it can lead to issues with starting, performance, and corrosion. Quickshot® by Amsoil helps prevent these problems by dispersing water molecules and safely removing them through the combustion chamber. This not only maintains engine performance but also protects against harmful corrosion.

The presence of water in gas tanks can be attributed to various sources such as condensation, environmental conditions, and gas pumps. If not addressed promptly, the consequences can range from difficulties in starting the engine and decreased performance to corrosive damage. Fortunately, Amsoil’s Quickshot® tackles this issue effectively by dispersing water into minuscule particles and effectively eliminating them through the combustion chamber. Consequently, engine performance remains optimal while safeguarding against detrimental corrosion effects.


Dirty gasoline leads to the accumulation of gumming and varnish in the fuel system, as well as deposits in the pistons and combustion chambers. Despite the fact that all gasoline sold in the United States contains a minimum concentration of detergent additives, these levels are insufficient to effectively prevent deposits from forming on crucial fuel system components. The unique chemistry found in Quickshot, an Amsoil product, swiftly dislodges and eliminates deposits and buildups in fuel systems, injectors, and carburetors. Additionally, it effectively cleans stubborn deposits on piston tops, spark plugs, and other parts of the combustion chamber.

The presence of contaminated gasoline results in undesirable consequences such as gumming and varnish formation within the fuel system. It also contributes to the buildup of deposits on important components like pistons and combustion chambers. Despite efforts to address this issue through mandated detergent additives at a certain concentration level (known as LAC), these measures fall short in preventing deposit accumulation on critical fuel system elements. To combat this problem effectively, Amsoil offers Quickshot® – a revolutionary solution with its distinct chemical composition that rapidly disengages and eliminates deposits and buildups from fuel systems, injectors, carburetors as well as stubborn residue on piston tops, spark plugs, and other intricate parts within the combustion chamber.


Quickshot (AQS) is suitable for use in a wide range of gasoline-powered engines, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft, ATVs, edgers, tillers, mowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, generators and farm and construction equipment. Nonetheless, for passenger vehicle applications, AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver stands out as the superior option.


The recommended usage of Amsoil Quickshot® is 8 oz. (236-ml) per 6 gallons (23 litres) of gasoline for the first application, and then 8 oz. (236-ml) per 12 gallons (45 litres) for subsequent applications. There are no adverse effects if slightly exceeding the recommended amount.

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