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AMSOIL Manual Transmission Fluid

AMSOIL Manual Transmission Fluid is the best manual transmission fluid. AMSOIL additive technology provides proper friction characteristics for smooth shifting.

AMSOIL friction-modified formula and excellent cold-flow properties promote smooth, fast engagement of synchronizers and gears. It protects gears and bearings in extreme temperatures.

AMSOIL has excellent seal compatibility and inhibits rust and corrosion for long service life. AMSOIL provides the ultimate in gear and bearing protection & outperforms motor oils in manual transmissions.

AMSOIL Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid maximizes fuel economy while resisting the effects of heat, oxidation, and varnish deposits. Prevents the thinning effects of mechanical shear for stable viscosity, superior film strength, and excellent anti-wear performance.

Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid was designed to minimize gear wear while providing smooth synchromesh shifting performance in certain manual transmissions and transaxles used by GM* and Chrysler. Provides excellent performance at temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 300°F (149°C).

Applications include manual transmissions and transaxles such as New Venture NV T350, NV 1500, NV 2550, NV 3500, NV 3550, NV 5600, and Tremec* T4, T5, T18, T56, T176, TKO500, TKO600, TR 3450, and TR 3550. Replaces MTF-94 fluid for Land Rover, MG, and Mini Cooper. Replaces Honda Genuine MTF fluid for manual transaxles and Shell or Texaco MTX fluid.

AMSOIL Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid is specifically designed for high-torque, heavy-duty powershift transmissions. Formulated for extended drain intervals, Powershift Transmission Fluid contains top-quality synthetic base oils and a high level of top-quality additives selected specifically for powershift transmissions. It offers exceptional transmission friction performance, smooth brake operation, gear, and bearing wear protection, and maximum equipment life.

AMSOIL Powershift Transmission Fluid prevents slippage and glazing. It is shear-stable and anti-wear fortified. Powershift Transmission Fluid resists high-temperature oxidation, varnish & sludge formation. Superb cold-flow properties. When you need the best manual transmission fluid, choose AMSOIL.