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AMSOIL Compressor Oil

AMSOIL Compressor Oil is the best air compressor oil.  AMSOIL is a long-life, premium compressor lubricant based on novel, proprietary technology. It incorporates the highest quality, thermally stable PAO synthetics fortified with premium non-detergent additives for maximum protection at high temperatures. It lasts up to 8,000 hours, effectively reducing maintenance and waste oil disposal costs. AMSOIL compressor oil has low friction properties, resists viscosity increase from oxidation, and helps improve operating efficiency. AMSOIL contains anti-foam additives and, unlike some other compressor oils, is anti-wear fortified. Its good foam control reduces heat, oxidation, and wear.

AMSOIL manufactures many types of compressor oils for many brands of air compressors including Champion, Chicago Pneumatic, Compressor World, Ingersoll Rand, Mattei, Powerex, Quincy, and many more.  AMSOIL compressor oil is recommended for use in single and multistage rotary screw, vane, centrifugal, and reciprocating compressor crankcases and cylinders, vacuum pumps, pressure washer pumps, and other applications such as gears, bearings, blowers, and pumps.